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Sushi Display Cabinet

Sushi Display Cabinet

Sushi Display Cabinet

We specialize in the production of showcases used in sushi shops, lunch bars and cafes, based on years of experience. Depending on the purpose of use, there are Ambient, Cooling Cabinet, and various kinds of products such as Enclosed Cabinet with front and back doors, Open Cabinet, etc.

Advantage of UNIQUE Cabinet

Cabinet + At the same time to install Cooling/Heating

  • The cabinets are made of professional materials for unique design and various options.

  • All sizes are custom made.

  • Choose from over 20 different frame colors, including Black, Silver,  and more

  • The high quality LED strip light has two stages, making the display products look more luxurious

  • ​All frames and glass are precisely machined and have a clean finish without gaps..

  • ​​The frame is joined using professional fasteners, not bolts or screws.

  • Made of solid structure without gaps ... Slim but strong!

  • All door glass uses tempered  glass for customer safety.

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